Echo video distribution service AngelMemory

Terms of service

AngelMemory Terms of Service

Revised 2017-5-30

Echo video distribution service 「AngelMemory (」 (hereinafter referred to as 「service」) planned and operated by Kyoritsu Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereinafter 「the Company」) In order to use the service, you must agree to the Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the 「Terms」) and register as a service user (hereinafter referred to as the 「User」).

1. Using our Services

By agreeing to these terms, you can use our services.

2. Warranties and changes of Service Content

We do not guarantee that there will be no defects or system problems with the services provided.
In addition, the Company shall be able to change the contents and specifications of the service, stop providing it, or cancel it without notifying the user in advance. (After changing the contents, only the contents after the change will be valid)
However, if there is a significant impact on users, a reasonable advance notice period will be established in advance and posted on the information on this website.

3. Start and Period of Service Provision

Service provision will be available from the day the user newly registers an ID and password.
The offer period is until the end of the month when 18 months (one and a half years) passed after the new registration. You will not be able to log in after the offer period expires. There is no service such as extension。

4. Equipment Requirements for Using Service

Terminal equipment, communication facilities, and other facilities necessary for receiving services will be borne by the user.

5.ID/Security Code

①The user is responsible for managing the ID, security code, and registered password assigned to the card given by the medical institution. ②Users are not allowed to lend, transfer, or sell IDs or registered passwords to third parties.
③The user is free to transmit the ID and registered password to a third party at the user's responsibility.
④The user assumes responsibility for damages caused by inadequate management of the device for which the user entered the ID and registered password, error in use, Third Party Usage, etc., and we do not take any responsibility.

6. Prohibited matters

①Acts that interfere with our operations such as unauthorized access to the server, acts that damage credit
②Sending or writing harmful computer programs
③Acts that violate laws and regulations (including acts that may violate)

7. Protection of personal information

We will handle personal information and data of users registered to use the service appropriately in accordance with the personal information protection policy separately defined.
Also, personal information and data will not be disclosed to third parties without the user's consent. However, in the following cases, it may be disclosed without the user's consent.
①If it is determined that a user is disadvantageous to a third party, the Company can notify the third party, the police or other related organizations of the user's information.
②If a court or an organization with authority equivalent to this requests disclosure of user information, the information can be disclosed.

8. Cooperation with partner services

The ID and various data held by the Company can be used in the Partner Service only if the user permits it when linking with the Partner Service.

9. Service stop

In the following cases, we may stop the service without prior notice or obtaining the consent of user.
①When server equipment maintenance is required
②When the service must be stopped urgently (natural disasters, planned power outages, etc.)
③In other cases when the Company deems necessary.

10. Damages

In the event of damage to the Company due to a user's breach of this agreement, an obligation to compensate for the damage will occur.

11. Governing law and jurisdiction

With regard to these terms and the relationship between the user and the Company, Japanese law shall be the governing law, and in the event of a dispute, the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall be the first exclusive court of jurisdiction.